Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Life is like a colorful brocade,
An intricate weaving of hope and despair;
Here and there, a darker shade,
And a touch of brightness elsewhere. 

Oh!How we love it at its best,
When it's peaceful like the placid sea...
But oh, for the heart that can't face the tempest,
Death is a fear, life, an agony. 

We might reach a barren desert,
When we'd hoped to see a pasture green;
But joys and sorrows are two banks,
Of the river life flowing in between. 

Like the rose, a beauty in spite of the thorns,
Like the lotus that blooms even in a swamp;
Welcome both the Spring and the Fall,
Like the homeless and the wandering tramp.

So gear up, scale yet another mountain high;
If courage fails, look up, you'll know;
That even the glorious evening sky,
Has a cloud on the azure glow!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a very very positive attitude to life,the title speaks it all. you have mesmerizing ability in weaving lovely verses.