Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Krishna

Happy Birthday, dear Krishna, my friend, philosopher, guide,
My protector, my companion, always by my side;
You've been there for me ever since I remember,
In you I've found a sibling, an elder brother,
Walking along with me when life is a bed of roses,
When the path is strewn with thorns, carrying me on your shoulders,
Playing silly pranks on this little sister of yours,
Holding my hands when I feel scared and lost,
Listening to my complaints, always with a smile,
Even when I've been unreasonable all the while,
Watching over me, even as I peacefully sleep,
Knowing that my little secrets safely you will keep,
Your janamdin dear Gopala, is a special occasion for me,
Please accept this little gift of love on Janmashtami.