Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Diva

From behind her lily-white veil,
Lined with silver sequins,
Today the pretty moon,
Plays hide and seek with me;
Out she peeps, at first shy,
Then flashes at me, a bewitching smile,
I ask her, if my friend she’ll be,
She nods, and disappears behind the veil;
I’m so in awe, O Diva! I say,
Of your beauty, ageless,
Your grace, so alluring, and your fame,
O Muse of love struck poets;
She looks at me,  and says, with a laugh,
No fame I seek, my dear friend,
All I desire, is to light up your world,
When upon it, blackness descends;
My joys are really simple, small,
And I know not what you talk about,
I live to dispel darkness,
Hopelessness, fear and doubt,
And with that this Queen of hearts,
Casts off her veil and steps out,
And as the lights slowly dim,
She shines – splendid, radiant, glorious…
And reigns, the Diva supreme.

1 comment:

rk said...

this is a beautiful poem,the queen moon has always drawn poet's attention,there is an unmistakable flow in the poem.flawless in every aspect of poetry.