Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It is time...

Confined to the hospital bed,
I breathe fear, anger, dread,
Eyes brimming with unsolicited tears,
Mind reliving a turbulent year,
The road has been rough, the journey tough,
Few peaks...and countless troughs.

Heart shutting away the sounds of a bell,
Chiming in the ancient temple,
The endless prayers, the incessant chants,
The priest's words, the crowds rants,
Now, a strain of melodious songs,
A corner of the heart, now slowly longs,
To open up, let in His radiant light,
To hold His hand, trust Him to guide.

Once again, I hear the bells chime,
And somehow, I just know it's time,
To let The Light dispel the fears,
To let The Hand wipe away my tears,
Breathe hope, let go, and look ahead,
Forget the pain, the anger, the dread...

With tears once again - this time, of gratitude,
I thank Him - for getting me safely to the hospital bed.