Sunday, October 30, 2011

Toothless Smiles

You snuggle into my arms,
And flash at me, that impish grin,
I feel my heart flutter within;

Your tiny nose crinkles up, A
And I catch that twinkle in your eyes,
My heart, it now soars to the skies;

Your gurgles and your oohs and ahhs,
And that oh, so charming, toothless smile,

Reassure me everyday,
That life is beautiful and worthwhile.

I bury my head in your lap,
Lovingly, you stroke my hair,
I forget all worry and care;
And so it has been all this life,
My burdens that you shouldered, forever with grace,

I see them now, in the lines on your face;
In the silver of your hair, in the gray of your eyes,
And in that angelic toothless smile,

I see all the love I need,
To run yet another mile.