Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Beautiful is the dark night,
Black, as black, as ravens,
Bathing by the twinkling light,
Spreading over the heavens.

Beautiful are the morning rays,
And the glistening dew drops,
The end of darkness in which the world lay,
And the dawn of ever new hopes.

Beautiful is the vast blue sea,
With mysteries hidden down below,
Sometimes a picture of tranqulity,
Sometimes in a rough and turbulent throw.

Beautiful is life, a gift of God,
He can appreciate it, who has flair,
To admire a delicate petal of rose,
Or the cascade of a maiden's hair.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Life

Everyday, the sun sets,
Everyday, it does rise,
But is there a dawn,
After the dusk of life?
All I know, I have, but one life to live,
Just one life to love, just one life to give,
A few smiles, a kind word, or perhaps a work of art,
A warm hug to comfort a saddened heart,
Just one life, so why not spread a smile today,

Just one life, so why not live every day.