Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Diva

From behind her lily-white veil,
Lined with silver sequins,
Today the pretty moon,
Plays hide and seek with me;
Out she peeps, at first shy,
Then flashes at me, a bewitching smile,
I ask her, if my friend she’ll be,
She nods, and disappears behind the veil;
I’m so in awe, O Diva! I say,
Of your beauty, ageless,
Your grace, so alluring, and your fame,
O Muse of love struck poets;
She looks at me,  and says, with a laugh,
No fame I seek, my dear friend,
All I desire, is to light up your world,
When upon it, blackness descends;
My joys are really simple, small,
And I know not what you talk about,
I live to dispel darkness,
Hopelessness, fear and doubt,
And with that this Queen of hearts,
Casts off her veil and steps out,
And as the lights slowly dim,
She shines – splendid, radiant, glorious…
And reigns, the Diva supreme.


From my brush to my canvas,
My pen to my verses,
I created You,
In my own likeness.
You are the mountain mighty,
And the blade of grass,
You are the whole,
As also the part.
You are the body,
You are the soul,
You are the symphony,
You are the notes.
The ocean you are,
And the drop tiny,
You are Yourself,
And you are Me.
The life of my painting,
The soul of my verses,
You are love,
You are bliss,
Pure Consciousness,
One with the Universe.

Life is Beautiful

Life is like a colorful brocade,
An intricate weaving of hope and despair;
Here and there, a darker shade,
And a touch of brightness elsewhere. 

Oh!How we love it at its best,
When it's peaceful like the placid sea...
But oh, for the heart that can't face the tempest,
Death is a fear, life, an agony. 

We might reach a barren desert,
When we'd hoped to see a pasture green;
But joys and sorrows are two banks,
Of the river life flowing in between. 

Like the rose, a beauty in spite of the thorns,
Like the lotus that blooms even in a swamp;
Welcome both the Spring and the Fall,
Like the homeless and the wandering tramp.

So gear up, scale yet another mountain high;
If courage fails, look up, you'll know;
That even the glorious evening sky,
Has a cloud on the azure glow!

Because...I Love You So

Ever since you crossed the threshold,
And walked into my life,
Took my hand in yours, and said,
Forever you'll be mine,
I wonder,
When you take me in your arms,
And look into my eyes,
Do you see in them a hope,
That you'll never let me go,
Nor ever walk away,
Because...I love you so.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sunshine Girl

One, two, three, four, five...
Counted out the little girl,
Her face alit, shining,
Radiant - like a pristine pearl.

The five petals, she gently stroked,
With fingers nimble and delicate,
The reds of the petals blending,
With nails coloured a similar shade.
Suddenly, the lovely face clouded,
"Such a pretty flower, separated from the tree,"
And just as sudden, with a smile,
"Perhaps it's here, just for me?"
The shoeflower, she picked up from the earth,
And tucked it in, in her plait,
Her sunshine smile warming the heart,
On a cold, chilly winter day.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Silver Oak

A dew washed morning,
The last whiffs of Winter, still unyielding,
Even as Spring readies itself,
To cast around its Midas touch,
And paint the sprawling hillside lush,
A reckless riot of colours.
Dainty sunshine, playfully dancing,
On dew drops cradled by the grass,
Pageants of butterflies, on scaffolds of flowers,
And adorning the fresco, like a masterstroke,
Its virgin buds raring, to burst into blossom,
Is the regal, sublime Silver Oak.