Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Canvas

A shroud of grey on the canvas above,
Bringing forth showers of blessings and love,
The sleeping earth springing to life,
A million greens coming alive.

Shyly peeping from behind the shroud,
Mustering courage, and stepping out,
A smile spreading, one end to the other,
A royal welcome, a garland of seven colours.

Slowly the canvas, changing again,
Strokes of white, rising up like waves.
Expanses of blue, like the seas below,
Splashing over to a grey sea shore.

Suddenly, a million hues of red,
Yellows and saffrons, carelessly painted,
Peaches and pinks, splashed recklessly across,
Behold! The masterpiece of them all.

Finally, the Artist covers the canvas,
With a black veil decked with gems and studs,
A new day will dawn, and yet more new art,
And new masterstrokes to bewitch the heart.
Taken from my Bberry during a walk in the park on a beautiful monsoon evening, which also inspired this poem