Monday, August 11, 2008

Who am I?

Hey no...this is no soul searching. Just a summary of the essentials that make up my bio.

A Chemistry (Hons.) graduate from Venky, DU, and an MBA with specialization in IT. Currently, Project manager with Genpact, with an association of 7 plus years with this organization. almost married to it!

Speaking of marriage, there's this wonderful guy in my hubby of course. Better still, marriage to him meant I got married into a most wonderful family.

In love with my family, my job, and with myself. And how can I leave out from this list - my friends!

That sums up this brilliant creation of God :)

Now, I am wondering what I'll write about next. My world, maybe, and all the wonderful people in it. But later. It's really really difficult to blog for more than 5 minutes. What a damn bz life!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds similar to one I always feel proud of...

Anonymous said...

Lovely story… It had a catchy feel to it, it is not only told in an inimitable way but it also offers lot of suspense and imagination.

Good job preeta.

Pankaj S