Sunday, October 30, 2011

Toothless Smiles

You snuggle into my arms,
And flash at me, that impish grin,
I feel my heart flutter within;

Your tiny nose crinkles up, A
And I catch that twinkle in your eyes,
My heart, it now soars to the skies;

Your gurgles and your oohs and ahhs,
And that oh, so charming, toothless smile,

Reassure me everyday,
That life is beautiful and worthwhile.

I bury my head in your lap,
Lovingly, you stroke my hair,
I forget all worry and care;
And so it has been all this life,
My burdens that you shouldered, forever with grace,

I see them now, in the lines on your face;
In the silver of your hair, in the gray of your eyes,
And in that angelic toothless smile,

I see all the love I need,
To run yet another mile.

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Comments from Muse India:

Dear Preeta, Your verse is engaging. The images are refreshing. Infants and their smile give us happiness beyond words. I liked this very much. Hope, your days are gleeful with your little prince. Regards.

K Pankajam, Chennai
Oct 18, 2011

Lovely Poem, Preeta. I could easily relate this with the activities of my daughter, Tanmayi when she was an infant of 60 days old...the portrayed images are very refreshing.

Ramesh Anand, Malaysia
Oct 17, 2011

Life is indeed worthwhile with the toothless smiles around.....thanks for sharing this.

Hema Ravi, Chennai
Oct 17, 2011

Reassure me everyday,

That life is beautiful and worthwhile... what a preeti pure feeling in poem.. so nice

There is no other way than to reassue

life is so lovely and hence to be made sure

I confidently look towards and offer a smile

you may be joyous and happy meanwhile

love is such a beautiful thing to feel

it is never dying feeling still

you may feel it often and quite close

if trust and confidence repose

hasmukh mehta, Ahmedabad

Preeta, what a beautiful composition! You have attained a 'motherly peak' to script this divine poem.

Kumarendra Mallick, Houston
Oct 17, 2011

A beautiful motherly affection and love expressed with infant like simplicity and full of realism. I liked the verse much, Preeta, best wishes.

V Ramabrahmam, Pondicherry
Oct 16, 2011