Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh God, I am in love!

I take him into my arms,
And the world around me, fades into oblivion,
I ache all over and pull him closer,
Little fingers curl around mine,
In a moment so eternally divine,
Perfect little eyes and nose,
Perfect little fingers and toes,
The heartbeat, the rhythmic breath,
A lease of life, sprung from my own womb,
And I think again,
That all the pain,
Has been worth it,
If there's pure bliss, it is this, it is this, and it is this,
Oh God! I am in love...smitten...besotted.
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Ridhima Choudhry said...

Very touching poem, Preeta. Any mother will have somewhat moist eyes after reading this. Pure emotion!

Prem Nizar Hameed said...

See, how your emotions
Here flow in;
Rhythmic life makes
Every moment a poem
Yes you are in love
As Shreyas means prosperity
Sweet son has his sweetest mom

(Acrostic of Shreyas)
Hearty congratulations,preeta.

Preeta said...

Prem Nizar sir, thank you for the wonderful acrostic! And for the encouragement and blessings.

Preeta said...

Thanks Ridhima, your words are always encouraging. I know you identify very much with these emotions.

Pratibha.Nair said...

Well said dear!

Preeta said...

Thanks Pratibha...I didnt know you were on blogger! Gonna check out your blog.