Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nature's Music

With the first rays of the sun,
Begins nature's symphony, her song,
Chirping happily, as birds welcome the dawn,
And the larks and the cuckoos sing along.

The melodious notes of the nightingale,
So pleasant, so beautiful, and oh! so fresh,
Stirring within me something humane,
Some feelings, unknowingly put to rest.

The twitter of a sparrow, or the cackle of geese,
The quacking of ducks, or the cock's waking call,
The cawing of crows, the humming of bees,
The gurgling sound of a waterfall.

With the first drops of rain,
Peacocks dance to nature's tunes,
Once dry rivers, now gurgling, their musical strain,
The murmur of trees in a breeze so cool.

The cuckoo announcing the arrival of Spring,
The gifted musician in Queen Earth's court,
The Queen she praises, in a voice so charming,
Or perhaps, she signs of the glory of God.

In a peaceful, cloudless, moonlit night,
The musicians all go to rest;
And all around descends a quiet,
That again they may strive to give their best.

And day after day, year after year,
Eagerly, I switch on to nature's music,
And howsoever much of it I hear,
It seems ever new, ever fresh, and ever unique.

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